Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's the will of the people...

Hello friends/neighbors/strangers/freaks!

It's been a touch nuts around these parts, and so the April Wordsmiths leaked through the sieve of available time into the drain of life. A sad thing, really. My apologies for not getting out the round-up in any decent kind of time.

But we are here to remedy the chronologic leakage with a May challenge so mind-boggling that it's bound to stop time for just a moment. This picture challenge is a result of a vote by the readers of NAY, if you can believe it, and even though there was a very happy alligator and a really cute baby chick picture as possible choices, THIS is what the people chose.

You know what to do - 500 words of story by the end of the month, post it on your blog, and leave a link in the comments that you wrote. It is my solemn promise to you that I WILL post the story round up in decent-er time, this time.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The March Round Up - at last

Gosh folks - where has the time gone? This is a seriously late roundup of the wordsmiths stories for March, which were prompted by this picture:

To Adail, this picture spoke words bittersweet

To Bobo, the picture spoke words opportunistic

To Deborah, the picture spoke words of childhood abandoned

To DB Grin, the picture spoke words of revenge

To Tiff, the picture spoke words of a new life, both in rough draft and edited form.

So many different views of the same thing - once again, an amazement to this writer. Thanks to all for contributing.