Monday, February 9, 2009

February Challenge

What's a week amongst friends?

In this case it's about 9 days.

Here's your new prompt, and this time don't forget the gravy follow the damn rules!

As the inimititibamle Chuck Jones said, the comedy and creativity that you find in Roadrunner cartoons comes largely from the disciplines - or constraints - that are put upon them. For example, the setting is only in the American Southwest, and Roadrunner can only run on a road (or at least, a surface with a center line painted on).

Of course, there's no prize or penalty here, but the point is to grow as a writer by challenging yourself. There's really only one rule here. Be your own word count police.*

Go! Create! Comment profusely!

*Tiff has threatened to edit stories that exceed the limit. You may not like it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Speed Challenge Stories

Well, that was fun! From the short duration to the apparently daunting picture, we got a pile of stories for you to buzz about.

Connie was first in with her story of turnabout.

Tiff spins an otherworldly tale.

Dave to You weaves a thread of discovery.

Ron was the last one before the deadline, with a gripping saga.

Pioden is brand new to the Wordsmiths with a story of challenge.

db grin is typically tardy in his telling of tall tales.

Now folks, the point of this little endeavour is to exercise your writing skills, practice some discipline, and learn from each other. Comment generously, whether your wrote this month or not - share what worked for you and offer constructive insights!

A new prompt will be up this week.