Wednesday, August 1, 2007

July: Weather is Hot but Imagination is Hotter

Wholly Carp!

This month's response is exactly the reason we started this in the first place. What a crop of stories! Applaud yourselves, then use those hands to visit your fellow Wordsmiths and effuse over their bravery and magnificence, then tell 'em what they did wrong. For my part, I use my hands to shake yours and clap your shoulders.

In Untitled (shame on you!), Biff isn't in his right, or left, mind.

In The Array, Bobo cannot make head nor tail of it.

In Charlie, The King remembers and wishes.

In Score Bored, Kingfisher searches for the culprit.

In The Message, No Celery gets it, but isn't telling.

In Contradictions, Shari is going to make a fortune.

In Hours Devours, Skully goes all confusing creepy.

In Playing God, Tiff tries to fix a game of croquet.

In Shutting Down, Ursus sees a love story from the inside.

In the words of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: "Thank you! Come again!"


kenju said...'s too late to start reading all those now, but I'll be back tomorrow.

tiff said...

Well done y'all. Well done.