Saturday, September 1, 2007

The August Deliveries

Our milk wagon inspiration has delivered several new stories to the door of the Wordsmiths.

Bobo's got a quart of desperation on his hands.

The Unknown Bear serves up a gallon of quiet resignation.

Joe has a pound of history lesson on offer.

Bobo, unable to stop himself, hands over a pint of pity.

Tiff is selling a ramekin of anger.

No Celery Please rounds out the stock with a carton of sisterly affection.

Help youselves to what's on the table, then pull up a chair and share in the refreshment by visiting the authors and commenting on their efforts.


The September picture goes up on the 10th. Sharpen those pencils, folks, and get ready to write.


Joe said...

very excited for the next picture!

Anonymous said...

Schwartzenegger insists the victims of the 2007 Southern California firestorm residing at Jack Murphy Stadium are happy.
First he calls Tonight Show host Jay Leno an "idiot". Then he drops this bomb.
If it were Gray Davis the gods would have their media attack him mercilessly for these mistakes. Together they may be enough to cost any other politician his career. But not Arnold Schwartzenegger.
They say he says makes suspect comments all the time, and they are all buried. And it is because they have BIG plans for him::::He is a tool who will be used to accomplish historical evil for the gods.

They say there is a sense of "unease" at the State Capital, like he doesn't belong there. It is because he doesn't. He is not American. Sadly this is an issue that is too readily discounted:::
He is not from the United States. His loyalties lie with a country that was the enemy of the United States a mere 65 years ago.
Just as we witnessed with Clinton in 1992 expect blacks to register and vote en masse for Schwartzenegger as well, a clue and a red flag.

Just as we haven't seen any more of that "Everybody is happy." idiocy from the Preditor so do we no longer hear anything of the possibility a firefighter started one if not more of these SoCal fires, buried forever.
Weight training, promotion of pharmeceuticals, desensitizing "guy flicks" all prove the name "Preditor" is warranted.