Friday, October 5, 2007

Stories From The Shack

We have six entries this month, which means Tiff owes me a case of beer.

From Bobo:
From Joe:
From Kingfisher:
The Weave of Esteem
From The Only Daughter:
Top of the World
From Tiff:
September Morn
From The Unknown Bear:
Stars of Fear, Skies of Hope

Go. Read. Critique.

Our 2nd Annual Creepy October Challenge will be up next week. Keep a look out behind you!


KOM said...

These entries were all great!

But I have to give a double-plus-good to Only Daughter and Joe. Joe, because it was particularly surreal - something that I would have attempted, were I up to the challenge!

And Daughter, that was possibly the best thing that I've yet read on Wordsmiths. Just.. spectacular.

Hooray, KF and TIFF for bringing this format back.

tiff said...

Name your brand, friend.