Saturday, December 8, 2007

Surreal Speeches

I think Tiff picked November's picture for its amibiguity. You people did not disappoint. Check out this genus of different species. A special welcome to two new contributors!

From Bobo -
The Fix is energized.
From Farrago -
Roar is saddened.
From Kingfisher -
Listen Close is confused.
From No Celery Please -
Without a Prayer is enlightened.
From The Only Daughter -
Is It What It Is is unexpected.
From Rennratt -
Done is tired.
From Tiff -
What You Long For is disturbed.

Well done, and thank you. Tiff and I are throwing some ideas around for a workshop of sorts. Stay tuned for that, and the December challenge coming soon.

1 comment:

tiff said...

You're right about the ambiguity. The stories this months were so wonderfully varied!