Saturday, November 15, 2008

October Round up

Guess little old ladies don't generate enough creative juices to get the MASSES flowing with wordly goodness, but some folks braved the prompt and came through with some entertaining stuff. Thanks to all who wrote their stories!

In no particular order, they are as follows:

Dave To You, who wrote up TWO stories, for which we are doubly grateful and thankful and whatnotful. Well done sir!

Mojo is feeling the love.

Dr. Err goes undercover with her buds.

Tiff was careful to follow the rules.

As always, you're invited to go, read, comment, and enjoy. Then consider doing the Speed challenge for November, won't you?


Mojo said...

Yeah, it was kinda tough coming up with something interesting and unique with a prompt that was so very "Main Street". I kept waiting for Joe The Plumber to show up.

But this new one... that could prove more challenging yet.

Dave to You said...

Don't get it. "kinda tough" because it was too blah?...too obvious. And this one is "more challenging yet"? What could be more challenging than making more out of less?

Dave to You said...

Actually I get what you meant there Mojo.
Now I'm off to rewrite the lyrics to Christmas songs. Fun!