Wednesday, December 3, 2008

November Speed Stories

This month's challenge was speedy since we didn't post the link until the month was half done. However, we got some great stories out of the deal:

Kay, new to this game, was the first one in. Well done and thanks for joining! A great story, and she only used half her words.

Dr. Err's entry is evocative and full of mischief. Worth the read, and certainly worth more words.

Mojo has a tale to tell that needs telling, even if he is over the limit.

Dave to You has a tale of intriguing mystery.

Tiff spins a ravenous tale.

And last so far, db grin has a far-sighted story.

Go! Read! Comment! Get out your writer's hat for December's challenge!


Mojo said...

I was over?? How'd that happen? (Fornicatin' Micro$oft... burned me anyway. And probably laughed about it too!)

db grin said...

According to F'n Microsoft, you clocked in at 502. Can't trust those buggers, but it's the Official Standard (and who actually counts words manually anymore?).

Dave to You said...

Me! Gotta keep up my math skills and counting is is pretty much the basic. :-)

Connie said...

I loved the picture of the jar, so I wrote a story for it. It is hard counting 500 words. I think I got it 500.
I have it here: