Saturday, January 17, 2009

December Wrap-Up

It's been a long time since the last post here, but it was time enough for 8 stories from the Wordsmiths.

In order of their arrival, here they be for your reading pleasure:

Dave has two diverse stories, found at December 11 & 12 (he doesn't have his permalinks turned on; maybe he should try better pick-up lines).

Kay has a story which is Part 2 of her November entry.

Dr. Err writes another chapter in the life of Noah and his poor, uptight friend.

db grin tells of beginnings.

Connie is a new joiner, also with two stories - one of home improvement, and one of home terror.

And finally, Tiff is in with her mysterious tale of mystery.

The next challenge will be published VERY shortly, as it's time to get back on a regular schedule. If you'd like a button for your site, say so in the comments. Meanwhile, go read and comment on these 'ere stories!


Connie said...

I would love to have a button for my site.

Dave to You said...

I have no idea what a permalink is.I was at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas where I used to live and went to leave the bar with my adult beverage and a very attractive (ok...hottie) young lady said "I won't let you pass until you tell me your your best pick-up line." I said "I've never needed one." What TF is a permalink????? and where do I get one. Circuit City?

Dave to You said...

Thanks for the tip db grin. I did what you said and when I got there it was set to monthly and yes so I don't think I've done anything yet. Should it be set to daily. I'll keep at it. Thanks

tiff said...

I'm here for the speed challenge...

Where be it??

Dave to You said...

Tick ...Tock

Mojo said...

I got a better WTF than that.

As in WTF is that???

I can tell this story in two words.

"fluppa-fluppa-fluppa-fluppa Zzzzzzztssssstsszzztssss"

The End.